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Fila Vintage Clothing

Filas was an iconic sports brand that was seen everywhere in the UK in the 80’s. Now you are lucky to find a windbreaker with the iconic logo. Syed Vintage has the largest collection of Fila vintage clothing. We carry all the staples including windbreakers, t shirts, hat and bottoms. We even carry the full sweatsuits. We carry all the high quality fila vintage clothing that is so hard to find anywhere else in the UK. That is why we continue to be the No. 1 vintage clothing Company UK.

No .1 Vintage Clothing Company UK

We are the No. 1 vintage clothing Wholesale Company UK because we carry the brands of vintage clothing you have been looking for. No one else has the selection or the quality brands we have at such affordable prices. Come see for yourself and you’ll agree that we are the No. 1 vintage clothing Company UK.

Mens Vintage Champion

Champion was a classic all american brand that quickly gained popularity in the UK  because of its high quality sweatshirts and tees. Rediscover the greatness of champions with the large selection of mens vintage Champion, that can only be found at Syed Vintage in the UK.  We have the most memorable and distinctive designs from Champion brand.

Vintage Champion Shirts UK

Syed Vintage carries the largest selection of vintage Champion shirts UK. You won’t find better quality or more mens Champion vintage and that is why we are the No. 1 vintage clothing Wholesale Company in the UK.

Nautica Vintage Clothes Online

Nautica is a international lifestyle brand that has been very popular in the UK for its nautical inspired designs for men women and children. Syed Vintage had some of the best selection of Nautica vintage clothes online for you to explore and love. No other UK online vintage Company has more Nautica vintage clothes online for you to choose from.

Vintage Nautica Shorts UK

Vintage Nautica shorts UK are the ultimate item that you have to have for your wardrobe. Show the world how fashionable you are with a pair of high quality vintage nautica shorts UK.


Puma Vintage Clothes

Puma Vintage clothes are the perfect combination of high fashion high quality clothing you need in the UK. Shop Syed Vintage for the largest selection of Puma Classic Clothes UK, such as jumpsuits, shorts, shirts and more. We also carry a wide variety of accessories to finish off any outfit.

Men & Women

We carry the most authentic and high quality Puma Vintage Clothes for men & women in the UK. You won’t find another shop that carries the one of a kind puma vintage clothes that we do. Find a unique treasure at Syed Vintage.

Puma Classic Clothes UK

Puma classic Clothes UK is a essential staple in any vintage closet. Puma vintage clothes pair perfect at any occasion making you the best dressed at any event in the UK. Usually it can be hard to find the perfect Puma Vintage clothes but Syed Vintages has everything you need to step out with confidence.

Ralph Lauren Vintage

Where can you find the very best in smart and casual designers. Look no further than Syed Vintages’ Ralph Lauren vintage Company online UK. We carry only the best quality at our Ralph Lauren Vintage Company online UK. From Ralph Lauren t shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more the opportunity to snag up an incredible unique find is calling.

Syed Vintage

Syed Vintage has the No. 1 online vintage Wholesale Company in the UK. Browse our large selection of exclusive hard to find brands and designers and have them shipped to your home right away.

Vintage Armani Clothes

Anybody who was anybody in the UK owned Armani and the same can be said today. Armani clothes set the standard for what is and what isn't in. Vintage Armani clothes are a UK collector's dream. Beautiful style, design and materials make vintage Armani clothes a must have and Syed Vintage has vintage Armani coats, shirts & accessories.

Vintage Armani Coat, Shirts & Accessories

It's hard to find high quality vintage Armani coats, shirts & accessories, but know that Syed Vintage Wholesale Company in UK has all the best pieces.  Syed Vintage promises all of the best vintage Armani clothes online and in Company.

Vintage lee Clothing Online

Women's jeans have seen so many different designs and styles in the UK. But none more iconic that the Lee , They were everything back in the day and now you can relieve that same high quality fashion with vintage Lee clothing online from Syed Vintage. We have the styles you crave.

Syed Vintage

Syed Vintage is dedicated to bringing you the very best brands including vintage Lee clothing online at the very best prices in the UK. We only carry the best quality vintage clothes so you can be sure you are getting  something you will love forever.

Vintage Reebok

The 1990’s were the golden age for Reebok. Once worn by every celebrity and sports star all over the UK. Now Vintage Reebok is a classic everyone is dying to have apart of their closet. Rediscover the bold and bright pattern and colors that made this brand really stand out.

Retro Reebok Shirt

Grab a rare retro Reebok shirt from our collection. We carry on the best quality vintage Reebok UK so you can enjoy the new treasure in your closet.

Vintage Reebok UK

Come visit Syed Vintage for the very best vintage Reebok and relive the golden age of the 90’s in the UK where everything was fun wild and free.

Wholesale Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Make a statement with formal wear wholesale Vintage Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is the perfect means of offering the modesty with the chic style.  It caters to the need of every group, for the modesty standards vary from one set of the group to another. Syed Vintage is more than willing to deliver you a true luxury of wearing the vintage clothes. Syed vintage brings you the wholesale products which you can only dream of because of their hefty prices. The style extension of the old era is still very much in fashion and we can aid you in reviving the exact version you want. Let the people around you ask you where did you get this Tommy Hilfiger from. Let them guess and get fascinated about it. This wholesale item of ours owns its remarkable place in the array of our other products. We enjoy treating vintage items like these with much more respect and love than the retailers. And that is why the difference in the fabric and quality can be felt instantly. Wholesale Vintage Tommy Hilfiger can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We, at Syed Vintage, regards its quality above everything else for every garment is a prize that we think our valued customers must be rewarded with. These vintage Tommy Hilfiger may connect you with the soul and real essence of the vintage clothes. It may give you the confidence of creating your own style and the right boldness to answer the ones whoever questions your fashion manners.
Tommy Hilfiger