Handpick Vintage Clothes

The ageless factor of Handpicked vintage items

Fashion industry changes at a faster pace than any other industry.  But vintage clothing never goes out of vogue. They have been trendy in every era. With time a lot of innovations have been added to it. But the basic theme of the vintage taste has been the same. Syed Vintage impacts the environment of the fashion industry by restoring and preserving the basic elements of vintage clothes. We feature a variety of classic vintage pieces for our customers. Syed Vintage wishes to redesign your fashion statement and make your look personalized. The apparels feature an array of comfortable options that makes your clothing a unique package.

The two things that Syed Vintage keeps in mind are affordability and ease for its customers. Clothing should provide these two essential things otherwise their use can stand void. Our vintage clothing is made from the highest criteria of cloth manufacturing. The fabrics used are soft, friendly to skin and can withstand greater duration.

We sell handpick vintage clothes so that they fit your wardrobe with the perfect collection for all occasion. We specialize in vintage jeans and jackets but can outsource in all kinds of vintage fashioned clothes.  We are against the discrimination of clothes according to the body shape. That is why the size range with our wholesale hand pick vintage collection is never an issue. Our Hand pick vintage items are available in all dimensions which fits the people of different body types. Styling you with vintage clothes is our passion first and profession later. Our wholesale variety suits every person’s sizes and needs. All you need to do is to trust Syed Vintage for your clothing and we can promise we will never let you down. Our pool of products are long lasting and you will never have to worry about your invested bucks for this purpose. Our rates can be compared to other wholesale market and you will not be disappointed to know that we offer the least rates for vintage items. We help our customers to create personal and customized grace with our vintage clothes while keeping their pockets happy. You can browse the wholesale markets for your satisfaction but we can guarantee our sale prices and quality will remain unprecedented. We Handpick vintage clothes will indicate a separate elegance and each of our vintage piece is up to fit every age and any sort of such boundaries.


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