Syed Vintage also offers Hand Pick facility to customers. We are still the cheapest wholesalers in UK. We have a range of premium variety for our customers to Hand Pick from. Simply book an appointment and visit our warehouse (Unit 7 Stondon Hall Farm Ongar Road Brentwood Cm15 0ld). Minimum spend is £300 plus VAT. Please have a look at our latest price table before booking an appointment for Hand Pick. Click Here to download the pricelist.

Sr. #ProductsPrice/Unit Plus VAT
1Mix Branded Jackets£10
2Mix Casual Denim Jackets£6
3Premium Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Burberry and other Jackets£16
4Mix Branded Shirts£7
5LLW Denim Jackets£12
6Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Knitwear£10
7Corduroy Jeans£6
8Harris Tweed Coats£8
9Long Trench Single Breasted Coats£20
10Long Trench Double Breasted Coats£25
11Burberry and Harris Tweed Long Coats£25
12Mix 80's Shell and Track Jackets£11
13Mix Branded Jeans£6
14Levi's 501 Jeans£10
15Mix Branded Scarves£6
16Burberry Scarves£12
17Northface Jackets£12
18Northface Fleece Jackets£12
19Patagonia Jackets and Fleece£12
20Patagonia Berghaus Northface Jackets £13
21Barbour Quilted Jackets£8
22Barbour Wax Jackets£30
23Mexican Parka and Crazy Pattern Jackets £6
24Crazy Pattern Shirts£5
25Branded Sports T-Shirts£5
26Branded Polo T-Shirts£5
27Branded Sports Sweatshirts Premium £12
28Branded Sports Sweatshirts Mix£5
29Leather Mix Jackets£15
30USA School Jackets£10
31Bomber Jackets£12
32Racing Jackets£15
33Coogi Style Knitwear£12
34Branded Sports Puffer Jackets£10
35Dungarees Men's and Women's£8
36Woolrich and Pendleton Jackets£15
37Woolrich and Pendleton Shirts£8
38Army Jackets, Antique P-Coats Leather Jackets and other£25
39Mix Branded Sports Caps£5
40Branded Premium Hoods Sweatshirts £8
41Casual Brands Sweats£4
42Casual Brands Sweats£4
43Disney Mickey Sweatshirts£6
44Aztech Leather Jackets£18
45Sherpa Jackets£16
46Ladies Dress£7
47Dickies Jeans, Levis Jeans and All Cord Jeans and All Other Brand Jeans
48Modern Track Top and Shell Jackets£7
49Carhartt Jackets£16
50Hawaii Shirts£5
51Branded Sports Track Bottoms£5
52Flannel Lumberjack Shirts£5
53NFL Jerseys£5
54Branded Hats£5
55Norwegian Sweaters£8
56Knitwear Other Brands£8